Social Networking and You (a students view)

Everyone absolutely loves Social Networking. It’s the best! Hey, I love how I can post a photo of a small memory that just happened like 3 seconds ago and post it up, on facebook! I love how I can just post up any random thought, on facebook! I absolutely love that when Im bored, I can go on facebook! But not just me! Everyone loves to post photos, thoughts, and whatever crap that seems to drip out of our minds, on facebook, twitter, or hell even myspace. But ya know, with all the excitment of expressing our joyous lives, we have sort of forgotten to take responsiblity havent we? Did you know that 175 million of us sign on to facebook everday? (Becasue we all have lives, right?) Did you know that nearly half of us can look ourselves up and find something substantial on google? Information like our birthdays, any numbers that we may have put up on a post, (like the geniuses that we are!) maybe even of a photo of you and your girlfriend throwing up at that party last night. But hell, who do we blame for this? This is gotta be someone elses fault! Yes, lets blame facebook, twitter, myspace (if your really that behind). Lets blame anyone or anything but ourselves! Its not like facebook makes it blatantly obvious for us to find our privacy settings, it requires too much clicking! But cmon! Facebook should know of our laziness, and should know were not willing to take responsibility! I would complain and start a riot about this, but just like the half of 175 million people out there, I’m just too lazy to even try.

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